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Cell Culture Consumables | Avantor

Cell Culture Consumables

Cell culture consumables such as flasks, plates, scrapers, bottles and more, are essential items for cell biology laboratory applications. Avantor® offers all of the cell culture consumables you need to keep your science and cells growing.

Available in reusable glass or disposable polystyrene, serological pipettes aspirate and release milliliter liquid amounts accurately and easily. Choose between sterile, non-plugged, or cotton-plugged options to prevent overfilling or sample contamination in many sizes, colors, and fill capacities.

See our variety of cell culture flasks for cell cultivation in your lab including vented, plug-seal, sterile, cleanroom-assembled and more.

Single or multi-well sterile dishes provide a stable surface for cell proliferation and distortion-free microscopic observation when performing cell cultures.

Get high-quality cell culture-treated plates for consistent and reproducible results in your cell culture lab with Avantor® cell culture plates.

Discover options for membrane inserts and insert plates in various tissue treatments for cell growth.

Maximize sample recovery by utilizing cell scrapers designed to gently remove cells when harvesting samples in western or enzyme assays.

Select the right centrifuge tube with secure sealing caps to optimize your sample filling and preparation processes.

Select the Cell Culture bottles you need to safely store media, buffers and laboratory samples.

Bioreactors grant optimal metabolic activity and cell/tissue growth for harvesting and support close chemical aerobic or anaerobic process examinations.

Durable smooth surface roller bottles are ideal for research and manufacturing applications. Large cell growth yield without bottle damage concerns.

Single-use filters for your liquid and gas filtrations needs in cell culture applications

We offer an extensive mix of Bottle Top Filters to meet your scientific needs. Used in research laboratories for sterilization or laboratory fluid clarification. Ideal for use with cell culture and serum-containing media

Designed to efficiently separate and purify biomolecules and to concentrate and desalt sample solutions

Extensive offering of vials and accessories for cryo-storage