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Cell Biology Products, Supplies and Resources

Cells are the fundamental unit of life. When you work in cell biology, Avantor® is your source for the tools, products and supplies you need to keep your lab functioning at its peak. This allows you to stay focused on the biochemical and physiological processes of life – developing tools that make the world a healthier place.

Choose from a wide variety of origin-certified and quality-controlled sera for your general or specific cell culture applications

See our wide selection of media products, including classical media and specialty media

Cell culture media supplements compensate for characteristics the base medium lacks in providing maximum cell growth conditions.

High quality cytokines, growth factors and inhibitors for your cell culture research needs

Wide selection of transfection products needed to introduce DNA/RNA into cells

We provide extracellular matrices and coated plates for 3D cell culture research.

We offer all the cell culture consumables you need for your cell culture applications.

Set your lab up for success with antibodies from the brands you trust.

Shop for immunoassays to measure the presence or concentration of macromolecules or small molecules

We offer a wide portfolio of cell biology equipment and instruments to enable science in any workflow.



Getting accurate, consistent and reproducible results depends on having the cell culture products and equipment you need to do your job effectively. We can help.


We offer the tools, instruments and equipment and supplies you need to conduct cellular analysis in your laboratory.


We have the knowledge, products and services to help enable the advancement of flow cytometry throughout the world.


Learn how we helped a major pharmaceutical R&D customer save $440,000 after working with us to implement a freezer maintenance program.

Let us help you move science forward.