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Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is the most common DNA amplification method in molecular biology. Avantor® offers an extensive selection of genomic tools, solutions and resources for your PCR workflow needs.

We offer a variety of End-point PCR reagents and kits.

Get all the reagents you need for qPCR.

We offer all the RT-PCR and cDNA Reagents you need for your laboratory.

Find a select group of reagents that facilitate isothermal amplification.

View our wide selection of high-purity Nucleotides.

Shop from our selection of Primers and Probes for your lab.

We offer an extensive variety of PCR Plates

Broad range of microplate sealing films and foils to reduce evaporation during reactions.

Discover our large selection of high-quality PCR tubes.

We have all the pipette tips your lab needs.

See our complete offering of Tube Racks.

See all the PCR Cyclers we offer.

See all the qPCR Cyclers we offer.

PCR workstation enclosures provide the contamination-free environment required for the most sensitive DNA segment detection