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From cell biology to genomics, proteomics and every other life science-related field, Avantor® offers innovative, high-quality products and solutions for life science workflows. We carry a comprehensive selection of life science products from all the brands you trust – helping you move science forward.

Life Sciences Products | Avantor

Our extensive offering of cell biology products and supplies will keep you stocked and focused on your important work in science.

We offer a wide selection of tools, resources and products to meet your genomics workflow needs.

All the tools you need to identify and understand the proteins that drive normal and disease physiology.

From sample preparation to final identification of microorganisms and more, find a wide range of solutions for microbiological research and testing


Life Science brands

Find the most innovative solutions from our collection of top brands to move your life science workflow forward.

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See our wide selection of selector guides, including VWR’s IgGy antibody selector, as well as our transfection reagents selector, pipet tip and tool selectors and more.


Learn how flow cytometry will help you to analyze and characterize individual cells or particles in a sample. It quantifies cells' physical and chemical properties in real-time, including size, granularity and fluorescence intensity.


Learn about real-time PCR processes and steps, including the benefits of real-time PCR.


Find out more about affinity chromatography and its use for protein purification and other applications.

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