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Fume Hoods and Enclosures | Avantor

Fume Hoods and Enclosures

Many laboratory applications require fume hoods and enclosures to protect working materials and personnel from potential hazards. Avantor® offers an extensive selection of fume hoods and enclosures to meet every scientific need.

Ideal for use when filling capsules, weighing powders, combining creams or handling hazardous substances

Available in various sizes to fit any workspace. Designed to meet exposure regulations common in laboratories.

Easy to access enclosures use standard filters to effectively stop potentially hazardous aerosols from escaping.

A wide selection to enhance safety and establish controlled environments to reach more accurate readings.

Constructed to be leak-proof and highly resistant to both chemicals and corrosion.

Many options available that provide a contamination-free environment for maintaining the integrity of evidence.

Filter out fumes and vapors so air can be safely recycled back into the workspace in an energy-efficient way. No HVAC is required to the outside.

Create a particle-free workspace to prevent sensitive materials from becoming contaminated.

Let us assist you in finding the right fume hood solution.