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Microscope slides aren’t a commodity in the laboratory. They’re a necessity. Avantor® offers microscope slides for cytology, histology and general microbiology applications. Glass microscope slides for staining experiments are constructed of high quality sheet glass and soda-lime glass. Economical options include disposable clear vinyl or standard sheet glass slides.

Purchase blank slides or prepared microscope slides in your choice of dimensions and thickness in packs or larger cases.

Choose from one to 12 wells with easy-to-remove chambers. Adhesives remain on chambers creating a hydrophobic border that prevents cross-contamination.

A wide selection of slides to detect the expression of thousands of genes at the same time through microarray analysis.

Products feature no tissue loss nor contamination, even with washing and other lab procedures.

An extensive offering of slides ideal for holding liquids and cultures for microscopic examination.

A large selection of prepared slides that are ideal for education and learning environments.

Convenient, ready-to-stain control slides that will test your stain solutions and staining techniques.