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Discover the latest innovations in laboratory liquid handling products.

Liquid handling is carried out in every laboratory from basic up to research applications. Avantor® offers complete liquid handling solutions that include quality products from leading manufacturers, extensive product lines that support a range of applications and eco-friendly, innovative packaging designs and recyclable content.

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Reliable and ergonomic manual pipette tip options for accurate liquid transfers in your laboratory experiments.

Designed for high-throughput screening and other automated applications. Precision engineered robotic tips offering exceptional accuracy and compatibility with various liquid handling platforms, enhancing your lab’s productivity.

Reagent reservoirs for automated and manual applications offering hassle-free reagent loading and consistent liquid level control, ensuring reliable and reproducible results.

Reliable and precise bottle top dispensers offering high chemical compatibility and accurate dispensing of various liquids with confidence.

Burettes offer precise liquid dispensing and titration control with a high chemical resistance.

A wide selection of mechanical pipettes designed for easy operation and precise liquid handling, providing accurate and reproducible results.

A large selection of all-in-one transfer pipettes to eliminate exposure to infectious materials. Reusable and disposable options available.

Enhance your high-throughput workflows with reliable automated liquid handlers, enabling fast and accurate liquid transfers for increased productivity.

Designed for quick, and precise repeat pipetting. Suitable to dispense volatile, dense, viscous or foaming liquids, and for all applications where long dosing series are required.

Pipette controllers have adjustable aspiration and dispensing speeds, ensuring precise liquid handling for various applications.

Electronic pipettes offer intuitive programming and ergonomic designs with features like multi-dispensing modes and quick-set volume selection for high throughput applications.


Discover how our high quality J.T.Baker® products for third party robotic sampling systems can help improve your analytical and high throughput operations.


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VWR Universal pipette tips offer a wide range of pipette compatibility.


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