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High-quality glassware is an important element in any laboratory. From tubes and beakers to flasks, pipettes, vials and more, Avantor® offers everything you need to keep your lab running at peak performance.

May come graduated, with caps included, or with a fixed label for easy identification.

Sturdy construction from borosilicate glass delivers a great range of operating temperatures.

Available in all capacities and a variety of colors to meet any collection, storage or analysis need.

A wide variety of products made from high-quality glass. Available in all shapes and sizes.

An extensive offering of flasks to meet your laboratory needs.

Multiple options available for precise measurement in solution preparation and dilution.

Made from borosilicate glass with durable scale printing for long life in laboratory environments.

Graduated and non-graduated beakers allow contents to be mixed, analyzed and transported safely.

Reusable glass or disposable polystyrene pipettes aspirate and release milliliter liquids using the blow-out method.

These all-in-one devices are inert to most fluids for maximum working flexibility.

Offered in different sizes and shapes to accommodate any sample or procedure needed.

Eliminate excess mixture solvents and concentrate a substance for easier quantitative analyses.

Resistant to the heat and solutions required to dissolve solids during the most common supersaturation processes.

A wide selection of heavy-duty filtration funnels to collect solid compounds present in liquids.

Deliver solutions in precisely measured, variable volumes.

Scratch-resistant and made from glass, quartz, plastic or polycarbonates. Multiple sizes available.

Easily withstands stress from routine purification procedures without breaking.

Create and maintain dry environments to ensure sample stability.

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