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General Plasticware | Avantor

General Plasticware

Protect your valuable research with general plasticware. Avantor® offers an extensive selection that includes bottles, carboys, beakers, centrifuge tubes, funnels, jugs, jars and hundreds of additional products to assist you in your research.

Ideal for transporting and storing solids, semi-solids and liquids.

Made of plastic or shatter-resistant glass with opaque exteriors to block ultraviolet light. Highly resistant to chemicals.

Impact-resistant and compatible with a wide range of substances.

Products feature vented, plug-seal or phenolic style caps for tight closure.

Disposable, conical-bottom and freestanding sterile tubes feature easy-to-read graduations and smooth inner walls.

Sturdy racks keep tubes secure, easily accessible and organized for storage.

Scratch-resistant and made from quartz, plastic, polycarbonates or glass. Multiple sizes available.

Protect lab samples from contamination and minimize evaporation with quality seals and sealing mats.

Ideal for general-purpose weighing, evaporating, dispensing and storing applications.

Manual and automated designs available to safely transfer any volume of liquid.

A wide offering of high-quality plates that have a translucent longevity for high-resolution microscopic studies.

Designed for assay and storage. Multiple volumes and well shapes are available. SBS formatted for automation.

Cryogenic vials in a range of sizes and thread styles for secure storage of your most sensitive samples.

Reusable glass or disposable polystyrene pipettes aspirate and release milliliter liquids using the blow-out method.

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