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Filtration | Avantor


Laboratory filtration products are essential for removing particulates and creating environments conducive to a wide array of experiments and procedures. Avantor® offers an extensive selection of filters, capsules, manifolds, tubes and other products to meet any filtration need.

Designed to accommodate all types of filter holders and funnels.

A wide selection of heavy-duty filtration funnels to collect solid compounds present in liquids.

Reliable, durable and ideal for use with cell culture and serum-containing media.

Multiple options designed for fast processing and final filtration of aqueous samples.

Large offering designed to remove particles from a sample prior to analysis.

Prevent the entry of water and aerosols into sensitive equipment and protect the lab from airborne pathogens.

Ideal for desalting, buffer exchange, removal of labeling reagents, cell growth and many other applications.

Durable, synthetic housing prevents adherence of particles to cassette walls to ensure more accurate analyses.

Virtually inert to chemical and biological agents, ensuring stability when filtering concentrated acids, alkalis or oxidizers.

Multiple devices to concentrate and desalt sample solutions. Rapidly separate and purify biomolecules.

Membranes are compatible with a wide range of chemical agents and remain stable within a broad pH range.

Offered in different filtration media membranes to accommodate any array application.

Numerous options available for quick and efficient fluid and gas purification procedures.

Different grades of filter paper are available for performing various laboratory applications and routine lab work.

Convenient and reliable concentration, purification and diafiltration of biological samples.

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