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Crucibles and Metal Type

Scientific research often requires subjecting materials to extremely high temperatures, mixing compounds and cutting samples. Avantor® offers all the crucibles and metal tools you need to get the job done correctly and safely.

Made in porcelain, glass, metal and other materials, these high-grade containers are offered in both high and low form styles with or without lids.

Available in flat-bottomed circle, hexagon and diamond shaped dishes that pack away neatly.

High-quality for repeat procedural use, or in disposable forms to provide an economical cutting tool.

A wide offering to safely transfer corrosive or extreme temperature-subjected samples.

Large selection of forceps and tweezers for general applications.

High-quality stainless steel scissors for general and multipurpose cutting, suture removal and dissection applications.

A vast selection to protect samples from outside contamination and the workplace from the bottled toxic waste.

Sets include both stainless steel rod and base, constructed of your choice of plastic or cast iron.

Durable sieves come in different mesh opening sizes to suit your specific needs.

Multiple options to provide effective stirring of samples via magnetic manipulation.

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