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From research to education and more, science requires a variety of bottles. Avantor® offers an extensive selection of laboratory bottles for every application.

Autoclavable and made of borosilicate glass or heavy HDPE. Highly resistant to chemicals and thermal shocks.

Made from borosilicate glass, these bottles are highly resistant to chemicals.

Made of plastic or shatter-resistant glass with opaque exteriors to block ultraviolet light. Highly resistant to chemicals.

Available in a variety of sizes for safe storage of cell culture media, buffers and laboratory samples.

Manufactured from polycarbonate or polypropylene with translucent qualities for easy identification of solutions within.

Fabricated from durable borosilicate glass and designed to be used in regular test bottle centrifuge equipment.

Bottles feature wide mouths for easy measuring and filling, as well as graduated lines for more precise measuring.

Calibrated with their own stoppers and marked with a unique matching identification number.

Choose between plastic styles for strength and versatile use, as well as glass for resistance to heat, gas and vapor.

Bottles feature a thin-walled design for excellent visibility and pliable tops for effortless removal.

Stable extended bases keep the borosilicate glass or durable polyethylene containers upright.

A wide variety of products made from high-quality glass. Available in all shapes and sizes.

Made from borosilicate glass or highly durable plastics such as Teflon.

Fabricated from borosilicate glass, chemically inert and resistant to a range of temperatures.

Uniformly molded, these vessels safely contain volatile materials and perform well in a variety of conditions.

Excellent chemical and thermal resistance. Durable in a variety of laboratory situations.

Autoclavable to guarantee that materials stored, transported or sent are not affected by previous substance residue.

Impact-resistant and compatible with a wide range of substances.

Constructed from durable, high-grade materials, these bottles will not break – even under rough handling.

A wide offering for the safe collection of liquid waste in the laboratory.

All large-sized heavy-duty solution bottles meet federal specifications for quality and safety.

Constructed of chemical resistant and unbreakable polyethylene with long-lasting, comfortable pumps.

Made of LDPE and available in different sizes – color coded or with caution notes for easy identification.

Soda lime glass and high-density plastic water sampling bottles are ideal for soil sampling and environmental applications.

For precise weighing of solids. Glass and durable plastic options available with impermeable stoppers.

Fabricated from borosilicate glass and resistant to chemicals and high temperatures.