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Anatomy, Pathology and Clinical

Whether you are teaching, conducting research, developing a cure for a disease or treating actual patients, you need the right products to do your work. Avantor® offers a wide selection of anatomy, pathology and clinical products to conduct science and care for patients.

A wide selection of glass microscope slides for cytology, histology and general microbiology applications.

A choice of disposable and reusable options of varying thickness, sizes and packaging.

Multiple options available for counting cells.

A comprehensive range of hypodermic needles and syringes available.

These feature medical-grade plastics, including polypropylene barrels and polyethylene plungers.

A wide variety of absorbent applicators for reliable specimen collection to aid in accurate diagnoses.

Suitable to press down the tongue for a clear view during examination of the mouth and throat.

Simple one-piece finger-stick devices with ergonomic grips come ready for immediate use.

Ultra-sharp edges are honed from hard carbon or stainless steel for sharpness longevity and abrasion resistance.

Collect, transport and examine samples with safe, high-quality containers.

A wide selection available with trays and lids to protect against evaporation.

Hold multiple microscopic slides simultaneously for the most efficient staining processing.

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