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Laboratory Consumables

To keep your lab running at peak performance, you need a steady, reliable supply of laboratory consumables that can be used across a variety of applications. Avantor® can ship everything you need right to your location, including beakers, test tubes, cuvettes, glassware and much more, so you can focus on what’s most important – your work.

Laboratory Consumables | Avantor

A wide offering of laboratory tubes, bottles, beakers, flasks, pipettes, vials and more.

Extensive selection of anatomy, pathology and clinical products to conduct science and care for patients.

Filters, capsules, manifolds, tubes and other products to meet any filtration need.

Bottles, carboys, beakers, centrifuge tubes, funnels, jugs, jars and more to assist you in your research.

A wide selection of crucibles and metal tools to help you to get the job done correctly and safely.

Complete liquid handling solutions for all laboratories, schools, healthcare facilities and colleges.

A comprehensive assortment of meters, probes, accessories and chemicals to measure numerous variables.


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Our broad portfolio is composed of our own trusted, quality brands, as well as millions of products from our core suppliers – ensuring you get exactly what you need from breakthrough discovery to delivery of mission-critical products and services.

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