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Tissue Processing Consumables | Avantor

Tissue Processing Consumables

To keep your lab running, you need a steady, reliable supply of tissue processing consumables. From cassettes to capsules, facial tissues, scissors, scalpels, razers, molds for histology and more, Avantor® can deliver everything you need to stay focused on your work.

Available in deep well or longer chamber designs, these securely-locking containers can accommodate any specimen.

Various diameter-sized capsules securely protect samples with snap-on locking lids.

Stainless steel scissors that can easily be opened and closed by a thumb and finger inserted through the handle rings.

High-quality scalpels are available for both disposable and repeat procedural use.

Ultra-sharp edges are honed from hard carbon or stainless steel for sharpness longevity and abrasion resistance.

A wide selection of molds that feature smooth interior finishes and rounded corners to facilitate specimen removal.