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Microbiology for Clinical

To keep your science moving, you need a steady, reliable supply of microbiology products for clinical applications. From stains and media to dyes, incubators and much more, Avantor® can deliver everything you need to stay focused on your work.

Simple positively or negatively charged dyes create a fast discovery.

Cultivate and isolate microorganisms for research purposes.

Plated or contained in tubes to guarantee the correct nutrient mixtures are present for specific cell types.

Fast-acting dyes create strong contrasts between cell components for easier detection or analyses.

Designed to maintain adequate interior moisture to prevent the drying out of cultures.

Test for, and detect, worm eggs, protozoa, larvae and other parasites.

Accurate and reliable detection of bacteria and viruses usually found as contaminants in cell cultures.

Inoculating loops and needles, petri dishes, swabs in tubes and more.

Manual colony or automatic colony counters for more consistency, accuracy, speed and efficiency in the lab.


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