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Histology & Anatomic Pathology Equipment | Avantor

Histology and Anatomic Pathology Equipment

Choosing the right histology and anatomic pathology equipment is critically important. When analysis is at the forefront of your lab practices, you need the best equipment to do cutting-edge research and medical testing. Avantor® offers all the histology and anatomic pathology equipment you need to prepare, preserve, process, cut and stain tissue samples for microscopic analysis.

Efficiently crush samples without coming into contact with your specimens and contaminating them.

Insulated chambers prepare sample sections, eliminate distortions and measure the in vitro response to introduced substances.

Multiple options available to prepare samples for researching applications.

Large offering of equipment for diffusing solutions into biological specimens for proper embedding to occur.

Select from a wide variety of microtomes for every application.

A large selection of high-qualities printers and printing supplies for anatomic pathology applications.

Apply labeled antibodies, conjugated enzymes and peroxidase to individual slides in a specific predetermined order.

Safely hold tissue specimens submerged in liquid solution for processing.