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Blood & Specimen Collection Transport | Avantor

Blood and Specimen Collection Transport

Proper blood and specimen collection transport is essential to your work in science, as well as to the health and safety of patients. From various containers and bags to cooling packs, surgical drapes and more, Avantor® can deliver everything you need to stay focused on your important work – which can help save a patient’s life.

Extensive list of high-quality, sterile and user-friendly products to maximize safety and efficiency for blood collection.

Collect and transport microbiology, urinalysis and drug testing specimens.

Collect, transport and examine specimens with safe, high-quality containers.

Collection and/or transportation material of a wide variety for bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

Ideal for transporting and storing solids, semi-solids and liquids.

A wide selection of containers to safely collect and transport specimens.

With extended temperature protection, our offering of cooling packs maintains refrigeration longer than other coolants.

Numerous options to ensure the sterility of an environment during medical procedures.

A large portfolio of tools for measuring and logging temperature, humidity, CO2 and other parameters.

Accurately collect samples for testing, cleaning or completing medical procedures.

A wide variety of sterile vacuum blood collection tubes for serum determination.



The integrity of specimen collection, storage and transport ensures accurate, timely and maybe even lifesaving results that can be relied upon. For specialty sample collection in cytology, hematology, etc., please consult the relevant sections.


Mailers and shipping containers provide secure delivery of any temperature sensitive material.


Collect, transport and examine collected samples with these safe, high-quality containers built with the user in mind.

Let us help you move science forward.