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Valves | Avantor


Values are critical when making connections between different lengths of tubing and connection points. Avantor® offers a wide variety of valves that can, depending on the product, be used to regulate pressure levels of liquid and gas in flow systems where connections are required.

Nonmetallic wetted parts ideal for water and mild aqueous solutions.

A wide selection of solenoid valves that are ideal for use with high-purity or corrosive fluids.

Regulate pressure in a system and avoid overpressure as a result of a process upset, instrument failure, or equipment failure.

A variety of needle valves that are designed for industrial machinery, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

A large selection of check vales for use with liquids and gases for pressure or vacuum applications.

Easily meter corrosive fluids or gases. Choose from different materials based on your application.

Four-position valves are clearly marked with flow patterns to ensure correct handle position.

Choose a two-way, three-way or sample diaphragm valve with various temperature and pressure ranges.

A wide selection of plug valves that are FDA-approved and feature PFA seals and nuts.