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Tubing and Fittings

From flexible and rigid tubing to fittings, clamps, gaskets and more, Avantor® offers everything you need to maintain a safe and reliable fluid delivery system.


Custom extruded for precision in Masterflex pumps and engineered for long life, in sizes and formulations for peristaltic pump applications.

Over 80 formulations of transfer tubing in sizes you need from brands you trust.

Choose from a wide variety of rigid tubing , including SS, PVC, glass, copper and more.

Versatile in sizes and materials, fittings cater diverse applications with uncompromising quality and performance.

Secure sanitary connections for various applications and control flow confidently to enhance safety and efficiency.

Ensure safe, sanitary connections with diverse material options to protect optimal performance and reliability.

Don’t forget tubing cutters and more tubing accessories for your daily fluid handling applications.

Choosing the Right Tubing

Compare formulations and specs to make the best choice for your application

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