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Mixing Systems

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Closed and open systems for powder and liquid mixing applications.

Mixing Systems | Avantor

As an industry leader in mixing solutions, Avantor offers unmatched expertise and capability to provide mixing system solutions that work. Whether your operation incorporates a simple liquid-liquid application or more complex liquid-solid application, Avantor’s suite of open top or closed single-use mixing systems can meet your demand. As the only open-architecture fluid handling provider, Avantor integrates various single-use componentry from our extensive brand-agnostic portfolio that has been rigorously validated according to Avantor’s best-in-class quality systems.

It’s not just our ability to custom design systems reliably and quickly that sets us apart, but also our decades of experience with fluid transfer systems. Avantor single-use mixing solutions afford our customers peace of mind as they benefit from streamlined workflows, reduced contamination risk, and improved resource efficiency. Our systems are flexible, scalable and configurable to precisely match your production requirements and they can be integrated directly into your production control systems. Our regional technical team members offer expert design, acceptance testing and install support either on-site or remote as needed.


The Magnetic Mixing bag offers a sterile, single-use mixing container designed to maximize mixing performance while minimizing disruptive shear, from 50l to 1000l. The magnetically driven 5-blade single-use impeller floats freely by magnetic forces minimizing risk of particle generation and ensuring a safe and homogenous mixing of product. Avantor's magnetic mixing bags come in standard designs ranging, from 50L to 1000L or Avantor's experienced team of engineers can help you design specialized solutions tailored to your unique bioprocessing mixing needs.


Quattro Mixer

Ensure the quality of your product by reducing risk of contamination with an integrated single-use closed mixing system. Avantor’s Quattro Mixer system can process liquids or powders simply and efficiently while designed for current good manufacturing practice (cGMP).


These modular open system top mixers can process liquids or powders simply and efficiently while maintaining the highest level of dependability. The Avantor Top Mixer can be customized to meet your unique manufacturing specifications, from platform to accessories, compatible with Avantor’s full suite of single-use solutions, including tank liners and other accessories.

Click here for more information on the different impeller options for our open top mixing systems.

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Our bioprocessing bags are tailored to meet your specific processing needs. An Avantor single-use expert is ready to help design the right solution for you. Get started today.

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ISO certified cleanrooms

Avantor Fluid Handling assemblies are manufactured in an ISO Class 7 (Class 10000) cleanroom.


ISO certified cleanrooms

The assembly facility is IS0 -13485 certified and cGMP compliant.


Product testing and validation

Our operations Incorporate multiple product Inspection and verification steps. Irradiation. endotoxin. particulate and other testing standards available upon request.


Lot traceability

We offer full lot traceability. Identifying the production site, manufacturing date and origin of components.


Made from proprietary flex film, our bioprocessing 2D bags are sturdy, flexible containers that are used to hold and transport biopharmaceutical products, such as buffers, medias, drugs and vaccines.


Our 3D bags are uniquely designed to hold and transport biopharmaceutical products, such as buffers, medias, drugs, and vaccines, in a three-dimensional (3D) geometry up to 3000I for larger scale operational demands.


Available in 2D and 3D configurations with and without a bottom drain port, Avontor's single-use bioprocessing tank liners support your bioprocessing operations by collecting waste materials and serving as a protective barrier between bioprocessing materials and production vessels.


Collapsible, stackable and reusable containers to store and transport critical bioprocessing media safely and securely.


Interchangeable and reusable open top containers to scale up or scale down product production.

An Avantor single-use expert is ready to help design the right solution for you, whether it's off-the-shelf or a customized solution tailored to meet your unique application requirements.