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Connecting Single-Use Solutions to Next Generation Therapies

Avantor® is the only open-architecture fluid handling provider to offer complete design, manufacturing and logistics to support every stage of your biomanufacturing process. 

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Fluid Transfer Assemblies | Avantor

An Innovation Leader in Fluid Transfer Solutions

As an innovation leader in fluid transfer solutions, Avantor offers unmatched expertise and capability to provide fluid transfer solutions that work. Fluid transfer assemblies at any scale - from simple tubing sets to complex filtration systems, bag manifolds and more – everything can be configured precisely to your needs. As the only open-architecture fluid handling provider, Avantor integrates and interconnects various process components from our broad selection of brand-agnostic products that are validated according to Avantor’s best-in-class quality systems.

It’s not just our ability to custom design systems reliably and quickly that sets us apart, but also our decades of experience with fluid transfer systems. Our experience affords our customers peace of mind as they benefit from streamlined workflows, reduced contamination risk, and improved resource efficiency that enables quality final products quickly at scale.

Your Process, Your Way

Avantor is the leading provider of modular, highly customized, and fit-for-purpose solutions that streamline workflows at any scale. The foundation of this approach is an open architecture model, so you can mix and match a wide selection of fluid handling products from our brands or other vendors.

From simple assemblies...


TC to Aseptic Jumper

Jumpers simplify connecting process steps.


TC to Aseptic Pump Loop

Pump loops allow fluid to be recirculated in pumping applications.


Multi-leg Aseptic Manifold

Aseptic manifolds allow for a single fluid path to be split into multiple paths.


Filling Assemblies

A range of capabilities from a simple coupler, to filling needle assemblies, to assemblies that utilize spikes or bags to achieve your filling needs.

To complex solutions..


High Pressure Transfer Hose

Durable, flexible transfer hose with Avantor SterilEnz connections, ideal for applications involving elevated heat and pressure.


Fill Finish Assembly

Avantor’s years of experience with designing complex fill-finish assemblies along with our open-architecture design philosophy makes us uniquely suited to address the most demanding challenges in a wide variety of fill & finish applications.


Filling System Using BetaBags

BetaBags allow for components to be transferred to other sections through a sealed port.


Bulk Drug Substance Manifolds with Either Bags or Bottles

Manifolds curated to fit your scale of product collection.

Featured Solutions


Bioprocess filtration systems are customized to drive only the highest quality therapies to market.


Pre-sterilized bottle assemblies reduce risk of contamination throughout your bioprocess.


Open and closed systems for power-liquid and liquid-liquid mixing applications.


Precise volume sampling designed for your high-value critical samples.

An Avantor fluid-handling expert is ready to help design the right solution for you.