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Fluid Handling Pumps

Avantor® offers an extensive portfolio of pump technologies to efficiently, safely, and accurately transfer or dispense all types of fluids. Masterflex® peristaltic pumps are specifically designed for today’s critical process applications with intuitive and innovative features needed for ease of use, scalability, and contamination-free dispensing.

Engineered for long life, Masterflex provides superior accuracy and repeatability, ensuring optimal performance from the research phase to scaled-up production.

Pre-configured pump systems with multiple head and drive combinations. High repeatability, higher pressures, and low maintenance.

Complete and configurable gear pump systems for all low-flow, low pulsation fluid delivery applications.

Designed for laboratory applications requiring high-accuracy, very low flow metering and dispensing.

Rugged, continuous-duty, higher volume service with chemical and corrosion resistance.

Mix, react and/or separate liquid-liquid mixtures in a single device.

High-performance for single and multiple filtrations, solid phrase extraction, and other fluid movement tasks.

Available in a variety of diameters and connections, these fluid transfer devices work quickly to empty tanks, IBCs or drums.

Maintain a constant flow of mobile phase through the HPLC regardless of the pressure caused by the flow resistance.

Digital options can be programmed to dispense precisely measured samples into culture plates, vials, tubes or bottles.

Choose from a wide range of replacement parts and accessories to keep your pumps running.

A wide selection for tubing pumps and hoses for laboratory and process applications.

Gentle fluid transfer capable of pumping small particles and slurries without damaging the product.

Reduced noise and cavitation provide for a safe and comfortable working environment.

Pump fluids in applications where durability is needed. 12 VDC models are ideal for remote/portable use.

Air-powered motor eliminates sparking concerns associate with electrical pumps.


Select the Proper Pump

Guides to help you select the best pump type and proper component configuration for your application.

Guide to Liquid Pumps

How to choose the Right Masterflex Pump System



Masterflex® peristaltic pumps are ideal for low-shear pumping. Masterflex® CytoflowTM peristaltic pump heads feature a unique convex roller and concave tube bed that further reduces shear and has been shown to improve cell vitality and molecular integrity.


Two different Masterflex pump systems recently achieved certification for use in ISO Class 5 (class 100) cleanroom conditions after passing a rigorous evaluation process and 100-hour test. One more reason to choose Masterflex in your Lab or biopharma process.


Maximizing cell viability with peristaltic pumps requires a multivariate solution with major contributors, including pump motor speed, occlusion settings and occlusion geometry.

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