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Pumps are needed to efficiently transport liquids or remove moisture and gases from a variety of different-sized containers. Avantor® offers an extensive selection of pumps used for dispensing and general liquid-handling purposes.

See a variety of compact, variable-flow, bi-directional, self-priming peristaltic pumps that offer precise flow deliveries.

Shop from a large offering of liquid pumps that allow for the fast, safe transfer of more than 1400 chemicals.

See our extensive offering of highly durable, high-performance vacuum pumps for laboratory applications.

Our offering of vacuum rotary vane pumps is ideal for any chemistry application.

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After-sales care of your equipment is as important as the initial purchase. The key to keeping equipment running reliably and smoothly is a regular maintenance program carried out by qualified and trained engineers.


Trust our experts to help you reduce downstream turnaround times and optimize biopharma production.


MarketSource sourcing solutions sources and procures specific or special products.


One stop shopping simplifies procurement-from sourcing to purchase and delivery.

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