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Physical Measurements

Compounds, and the materials in them, can be identified by measuring their physical structure, refractive index, melting point or other characteristics. Avantor® offers a complete line of measurement equipment that analysts can use for those tasks.

Quickly, accurately and reliably measure the viscosity of liquids.

Separate lipids or other compounds from solid material with a defined solvent.

Quickly and accurately determine the refractive index and/or the Brix value of substances.

Measure the angle of rotation caused by passing linear polarized light through substances.

Separate sample components through heating and cooling cycles.

Determine flammable characteristics and the lowest temperature that vapors will ignite.

Monitor conditions in settings where stability of temperature and humidity are critical.

Automatically record precise measurements in real time, even when personnel cannot be present.

Determine the density of liquids and solids.

Measure the specific gravity of liquids and soil grains.

Measure the temperature of almost any surface with wide temperature ranges.

A diverse selection of mechanical and digital timers, clocks and stopwatches to suit your specific needs.

Measure the heat generated by physical changes or chemical reactions.

Receive readings of differential pressure or vacuum.

Precisely determine a given sample's melting point.

An extensive selection of meteorology equipment, including anemometers, barometers, rain gauges and more.

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