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Mixers, Stirrers, Shakers and Grinders

Every laboratory requires mixers, stirrers, shakers and grinders to create homogenous mixtures. Avantor® offers all the products you need to run your applications and keep your science in motion.

See products that simplify the process of particle size reduction and cell lysis.

Shop from a wide line of mills designed for rapid, high-speed grinding of large and small samples.

We offer a variety of shakers, including vortex, orbital, reciprocating and incubators, that are engineered to create homogenous mixtures in any laboratory procedure.

Discover magnetic stirrers with or without heating. Our stirring bars increase speed and efficiency in mixing operations.

See our large offering of fixed speed, variable speed and high-capacity vortexers.

We offer a wide variety of grinders designed for fine particle size reduction.

Shop from a wide variety of mortars and pestles for any laboratory application.

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Avantor’s unique position in the market place enables us to provide you with, not only an excellent portfolio of equipment and instrumentation, but also a world leading Technical Service Department.


Our clinical kitting solutions help you advance your clinical objectives, from trial and diagnostics to logistics and shipping.


Our advanced freight management systems provide secure transport of your vital research assets.


Global equipment and ancillary supplies that simplify your clinical trials, delivered with the expertise you can rely on.

Let us help you move science forward.