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Microscopy Equipment and Instruments

To do your work, you need the ability to clearly see microscopic organisms or details that can’t be seen with your naked eyes. From the most basic lenses to cutting edge optical technology and cell imagers, Avantor® offers a full range of microscopes and magnifiers for every application. Microscope slides, cover slips and associated handling products, plus a full range of slide storage products, are also available.

From stereo microscopes for a macro view to basic upright/inverted microscopes for routine diagnoses and advanced models for research, we have an extensive selection to choose from.

Choose from a wide range of digital cameras for lab and industry applications such as color imaging, thermal infrared imaging and more.

We offer compact LED illumination systems or cold light sources that provide accurate positioning for critical illumination at horizontal or vertical angles.

See our specialized magnifiers that improve the appearance of objects, making it easier to manage small materials.

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Discover the full range of brands and products needed in this workflow.


We offer a full range of materials and consumables for biopharma, healthcare, education, advanced technology and applied materials industries.


We combine a broad portfolio of our own quality, trusted brands with an extensive offering of other products.


Manage the quality and risk of your single-use systems by using our single-use plastics in medicine, drug discovery and manufacturing.


Profit from special pricing for our microscopes.

Let us help you move science forward.