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Incubators | Avantor


Laboratory incubators are essential pieces of equipment for microbiology applications. Avantor® offers a wide selection of incubators that are designed to provide the controlled environment required by sensitive materials and cultured cells to grow.

Grow microorganisms and fungi, as well as store sensitive samples in a controlled environment.

Economical and ideally suited for use in microbiology or hematology applications.

Create and control precise temperature conditions for refrigerated storage.

Yielding high populations, we offer simple-to-use anaerobic systems that rapidly create optimum growth environments for microorganisms.

BOD incubators allow B.O.D. determinations, plant and insect studies, fermentation studies and bacterial culturing to be successfully performed.

Designed to create the best environment for optimal cell growth.

A cost-effective way to control environmental conditions for small sample sizes contained in Petri dishes and test tubes.

A space-saving and economical alternative to a warm room for small production runs.

Easy to use and clean, these devices are great for teaching students about incubation every year.