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Heating and Cooling

Both heating and cooling equipment are critical for numerous laboratory applications. Avantor® offers a wide selection to meet all of your controlled temperature and temperature control needs.

A complete selection of cryothermostats and recirculating chillers that deliver outstanding temperature control and performance while being easy to use.

Wide selection of manufacturers you trust whenever exact tempering of in/and external processes is needed.

Create specific conditions to incubate samples that cannot be subjected to a naked flame.

Upright laboratory refrigerators that fulfill all general-purpose applications with adequate space for ventilation.

Numerous countertop and under-counter freezers that provide protective storage for scientific and medical materials.

Ultralow temperature freezers provide precise temperature control and management. Select Suppliers offer an Energy Star certification.

Safe, secure, outstanding temperature control and high-performance.

Extensive offering of incubators designed to provide the controlled environment required by sensitive samples and cultured cells to grow.

Precise control over temperature, humidity and the illumination necessary to encourage specimen growth.

Uniformly heat or dry samples using gravity convection or forced fan-blown air circulation. Every laboratory needs at least one of those ovens running multiple applications.

Low thermal mass insulation materials achieve rapid heating and allow efficient energy utilization.

Ideal for ashing as well as general purpose heat treatment applications.

Mounted horizontal or vertical tube furnaces synthesize and purify inorganic and organic compounds.

Our hotplates uniformly heat substances for any required procedure.

Wide selection to help you achieve the temperature stability and repeatable results you need for science.

For handling organic liquid samples, we offer heating mantles that are alternatives to Bunsen burners and hotplates. Heating mantles allow for direct contact with glassware without the fear of shattering because the heating element is typically insulated from the container.

Create hard or soft, crystal-clear ice cubes of varying shapes depending on desired melting speed and cube size and shape settings.


Optimize uptime and minimize downtime.


We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products within cold storage, including refrigerators, ULT freezers, racks, cryo boxes, cryotubes and support products like dataloggers and thermometers. Let us help you to find the right cold storage or cooling product for your application.


MarketSource sourcing solutions sources and procures specific or special products.


One stop shopping simplifies procurement-from sourcing to purchase and delivery.

Let us help you move science forward.