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Whether you’re in the lab or out in the field, you rely on your environmental testing equipment to correctly monitor emissions to water, land and air. From water samplers to flow meter, reflectometers and much more, Avantor® offers everything you need to monitor and perform tests in any environment.

We offer portable and stationary water samplers to take single samples or a composite of samples over time.

See our flocculators that test the efficiency of flocculation and how well the suspended solids can mix with a liquid.

See our offering of flow meters that are used to measure, regulate or control the flow of a gas or liquid stream.

A turbidimeter emits light and measures the amount scattered by particles in the sample, thus measuring the clarity of a solution.

A BOD meter is designed to determine the biochemical oxygen demand, which gives a good idea of the contamination of the water.

Discover spectrophotometers programmed for test kits and quality assurance kits to analyses water samples fast and easy.

See our rugged, lightweight biophotometers that are designed for use in the field.

Ideal for inorganic chemical testing, flame photometers are controlled examination tools via flame color.

The difference in intensity of emitted and reflected light allows a quantitative determination of the concentration of specific analytes.

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Avantor provides a comprehensive range of compliance, validation and calibration services as either a stand-alone service or as part of a preventive maintenance program.


From taking correct sample to analysis and quality control, discover every step in environmental analysis.



Check the necessary value for pH, conductivity or dissolved oxygen in the lab or in the field.


All the personal protective equipment, apparel, safety products and safety services you need to enhance safety for you and your colleagues – whatever the hazard.


See current promotions for environmental E&I.

Let us help you move science forward.