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Baths, Water Baths and Shaking Baths | Avantor

Baths, Water Baths and Shaking Baths

Routinely used in laboratories, baths, water baths and shaking baths create specific conditions to incubate samples that cannot be subjected to a naked flame. Avantor® offers wide selection for every scientific application.

When heating reaction mixtures or filtering air particulates, our offering of durable oil baths can withstand breakage or accident spills.

Operating continuously above the contained water boiling point, our boiling baths will heat samples without steam or spitting.

Ideal for basic as well as more demanding applications in education, research, food and beverage, biopharma and the life sciences.

Can be used for heating, incubating or general laboratory operations where temperature control is paramount.

Provide the standard convection current heating for samples that require an increased temperature environment.