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Balances | Avantor


Whether you need to weigh very accurately in a lab using complex programs, weigh recipes in production, use your scale for counting purposes or simply weigh at school or in your kitchen, we offer a scale for every application.

From micro balances with a readability d of 1 µg, semi micro balances, analytical balances with readability d of 0,1 mg, to precision balances, in different quality levels depending on your applications.

Balances with a readability ‘d’ of 100 mg (0,1 g) or higher and high weighing range.

A wide range of reliable moisture balances to meet the needs of both quality and in-process control.


Optimizing uptime and minimizing downtime.


All the tips, tricks, consumables and equipment you need in a weighing workflow.

Let us help you move science forward.