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Analog Thermometers | Avantor

Analog Thermometers

In science, you need to easily gauge temperature in any setting. Avantor® offers a wide variety of highly accurate analog thermometers and glass thermometers that use environmentally friendly organic liquids. These thermometers are suitable for general lab use, schools and testing and they’re functional across a wide range of temperatures.  

Ideal for use in cuvettes, soil, incubators, petroleum products, foods and other applications. 

Timeless instruments, based on Galileo’s theory that a fixed mass’s buoyancy is inversely related to the liquid temperature it is suspended in.

A wide variety of glass thermometers to sample temperatures in freezers, refrigerators, incubators or ovens with traceability to NIST. 

Temperature indicator strips indicate the temperature of the specimen within minutes after the initial collection.

Indoor and outdoor thermometers that can monitor the highest and lowest temperature over a given period.