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Equipment and Instruments

Avantor® offers an advanced portfolio of production and research equipment and instrumentation tools for biopharma, healthcare, education, advanced technology and applied materials industries. We combine a broad portfolio of our own quality, trusted brands with an extensive offering of other products for your laboratory workflows.

Equipment and instrumentation | Avantor

Equipment and Instruments Categories

A complete range from basic, easy to use balances to advanced high-quality balances for science, quality control and production.

Centrifuges generate the rapid spinning force needed to separate mixture contents with different densities.

A wide selection of temperature control systems to choose from, from cold storage and ovens to environmental chambers and incubators.

Precisely monitor temperature and/or humidity in your lab applications.

Extensive product lines that support a range of liquid handling applications.

A wide range of water purification systems that produce water of various types, from distilled to Ultrapure Water [Type 1 Water].

Extensive offering of mixers, stirrers, shakers, and grinders to create homogenous mixtures in any laboratory procedure.

A full portfolio of peristaltic, membrane and rotary vane pumps.

We offer a wide range of microbiology equipment and instruments to enable analysis in any workflow.

Equipment to remove solvents from compounds through an evaporative process to purify and concentrate materials.

Washing systems that are critical for a complete contamination control program. 

All of the environmental testing equipment you need to monitor emissions in water, land and air.

Extensive offering of titrators and pH/redox/ion, conductivity and dissolved oxygen meters for the field or the lab.

A full range of imaging instruments, from the most basic of microscopes to cutting edge optical technology.

Extensive offering of products to measure physical structure, refractive index, melting point, and other material characteristics.

From colorimeters to reflectometers, fluorometers, spectrophotometers and photometers, we offer it all.

A wide range of spectroscopes, equipment, products and supplies to identify and measure the composition of samples and objects.

Choose between manually controlled analog autoclaves and electronically controlled models for fast, dependable processing.

Heating systems for sample preparation to monitor trace metals or perform Kjeldahl determination.

Photometers and spectrophotometers, as well as ready to use TOC [Total Organic Carbon] tubes and powder pillows.

Select from multiple power levels and adjust time for rapid sample preparation.

Provide the proper amount of illumination for conducive workspaces, increase efficiency, and decrease worker fatigue.

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The after-sales care of your equipment is as important as the initial purchase. The key to keeping this equipment running reliably and smoothly is a regular maintenance program carried out by qualified and industry trained engineers.


We’re setting science in motion through comprehensive, customized support services for labs all over the world.


Whether you are setting up a new laboratory or moving to a new location, with our laboratory start-up service, we can help you design and build your new laboratory, supply all of the equipment, chemicals and consumables you require to get you up and running.


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