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Wafer and die handling | Avantor

Wafer and Die Handling

Wafers are extremely delicate and susceptible to damage and contamination, so proper wafer and die handling is essential to semiconductor and microelectronics manufactures. From wafer storage boxes, trays, cassettes, separators and more, Avantor® offers the products you need to safely handle all of your wafers and dies.

A wide selection of supplies to ensure proper handling of semiconductor wafers.

Durable containers to prevent wafer damage and contamination. Suitable for storing and shipping a variety wafer sizes.

Polypropylene construction makes these carriers strong and resilient against all types of damage and contamination.

Highly reliable and available in various pocket sizes and depths – with or without wash holes and tweezers slots.

Available in single or multi-wafer formats. Some models can accommodate a range of sizes by adjusting the inline silicone supports.

Ultrapure polypropylene shippers provide a clean environment and assure low levels of condensable inorganics.

Designed to separate and safely ship wafers without the risk of damage and contamination.