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Personal and Product Protection

In any lab, cleanroom, controlled environment or facility, employee and product safety are top priorities. Avantor® offers a comprehensive range of personal and product protection solutions made by industry leaders and brands you trust.

Protect people from chemical splashes, particles and other risks with high-quality eye and face protection products.

A full line of reusable, disposable and PAPR respirators available for every application.

An extensive offering of ear plugs, earmuffs, hardhats and more.

Everything needed to protect hands from chemicals, as well as sharp, hot or cold objects and rough or sensitive materials.

A head-to-toe collection of disposable apparel that is, protective and comfortable in any work environment.

Wide selection of reusable and washable protective apparel to get the job done safely and comfortably.

A complete collection of durable boots, shoes, insoles and accessories that provide protection and all-day comfort.

Extensive offering of hand disinfection and hygiene solutions to maintain healthy hands and a safe work environment.

Anchorage points, lanyards, arrest blocks, clamps, protection kits, harnesses and more to prevent falls at work.

Lightweight and hand-held electronic detectors include modern features such as LED and audio indication.

Large selection of radiation shields, labels and storage boxes to increase safety in the laboratory.

Multiple systems to detect deleted oxygen and dangerous gases such as methane, propane, butane and more.

Multiple options to successfully scrub gas in a liquid to saturate or dry gas streams.


The most critical factors to consider in the selection of a garment system are the product and process requirements.

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