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Many applications require high-quality, anti-static and sterile packaging that is resistant to particle contamination and chemicals. Avantor® offers a wide range of packaging, covers, bags and liners, including transparent flat bags and easy-tear-bags, as well as foils that are suitable for printing. Our entire offering is available for all cleanroom classes, packaging machines and devices of all sizes.

A wide variety for all laboratory, cleanroom and facility functions.

Extensive offering of bags to collect and transport samples

Designed with strong seals to keep contaminates and moisture out. Much stronger than traditional low-density polyethylene bags.

Polyester and polyethylene laminated tubular roll stock features the same properties as traditional laminated pouches.

Designed for quick, easy presentation of sterile items. Will not open in steam autoclaves or be affected by gas.

Available in dimensions to fit any commonly employed equipment.

A large selection of barrels, kegs and drums for storing and processing powders and liquids.