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Hearing and Head Protection | Avantor

Hearing and Head Protection

In many industrial settings, hearing protection is vital to ensuring employees have a safe work environment. As part of our commitment to providing top-quality safety solutions to our customers, Avantor® offers safe, effective hearing protection devices across a wide range of noise reduction ratings. From ear plugs to industrial earmuffs and intelligent hearing protection systems, our products are designed to fit any application.

Head injuries can be fatal, and they pose a serious risk on many job sites. Avantor® can help by providing the hard hats, bump caps, helmet visors, eye shields and accessories you need to keep employees safe on the job, as well as comply with all of your safety protocols, applicable safety laws and regulations.

Disposable and reusable available with different noise reduction ratings for specific low-frequency sounds.

High-quality earmuffs packed with features like noise blocking, radio and sound management technology.

Extensive offering of hard hats, bump caps, helmet visors, eye shields and accessories.