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Facility Protection and Cleaning

Everyone is safer in a clean, well-maintained environment. Avantor® offers a complete line of facility maintenance and cleaning products, including spill control systems, cleaning and disinfection supplies, safety signs and much more.

A variety of stationary systems and handheld wiping units to clean up spills in the lab.

A wide range of products to help you maintain the clean environment you require.

Everything you need to collect, transport, process, recycle and dispose of waste materials.

Bench protectors contain liquids to prevent negatively impacting research tests or surgical procedures.

Extensive offering of products to help keep contamination out, including adhesive and permanent mats, cleanroom flooring and anti-fatigue mats.

Includes electrostatic discharge workstation kits, monitors, antistatic treatments, grounders and much more.

Versatile tapes adhere to any surface and leave no residue when removed. Available for a variety of applications.

Make lockout and tagout convenient, easily accessible and identifiable with a vast assortment of regulation compliant kits, gear and signs.

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