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Electrical and Lighting

Electrical and lighting products are essential for any indoor workspace. They allow us to inspect objects, make electronics function and generate heat in appliances. From flexible desk styles to replacement bulbs for small flashlights, Avantor® offers a wide variety of electronics and lighting products that provide the proper amount of illumination for conducive workspaces at all hours, as well as increase lab efficiency and decrease worker fatigue.

Options produce stable outputs for UV spectroscopy and standard UV spectral irradiance.

Compact sizes allow the illumination devices to always be on hand and stored in scrub pockets.

Efficiently convert electrical energy into useful light and lower energy costs in the long-run.

Operating at higher temperatures than similar gas-filled lamps, these produce higher luminosity and color temperature.

Intense emission of resonance lines and narrow line width for maximum sensitivity and linearity. Minimal spectral interference from continuum emission.

Bulbs are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any appliance.

Conveniently and reliably heat or dry samples from evaporating dishes with an infrared lamp

Compact LED illumination provides accurate positioning for critical illumination at horizontal or vertical angles.

Options for use as indicators in electronic equipment and appliances due to their low power consumption and long life.

Robust construction make these models long-lasting and easy to use without fear of wear and tear.

Provide bright and uniform illumination of samples. Options include power supply.

Uniform beam of illumination provides a clear line of sight to illuminated objects. Simply push-button activation.

Ideal for water testing, quality control, nondestructive testing, sanitation, UV curing, gel viewing, mineralogy, arson investigation, TLC, E. coli testing and sterilization.

Various options for use in microscope surgery, searchlight, spectrophotometer and xenon short arc.