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Cleaning and Disinfection

A reliable, steady supply of cleaning and disinfection - solutions is critical for keeping your facility as lean and contamination-free as possible. Avantor® offers a wide range of products to help you maintain the cleanliness that you require.

Dry, pre-saturated, sterile and tub wipes. Designed, manufactured, and tested to meet your facility's cleanliness needs and requirements.

Multiple options available, including chlorine dioxide, electrolysis, ozone and UV systems.

Comply with regulations, establish sterile environments and stop micro-organisms from spreading to susceptible areas.

A range of foam and microfiber mop designs available to clean or disinfect any type of environment.

Buckets come in a variety of volumes, sizes and dimensions for storage, general cleaning and cleanroom applications.

Available with different stiffness, liquid retention and durability to fit any specific job or space.

Various configurations collect particulates within filtered bags or cyclones for easy disposal. Suitable for wet and dry cleanroom applications.

A wide range of wipes, cloths and towels for general, industrial and cleanroom use.

Available in multiple materials, color and sizes, all rated to resist tearing and abrasion.

A comprehensive offering of swabs for every cleaning and sampling application.

Options range from large rolls for fewer change-outs to elegant paper that gives the office or lab a residential appearance.