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Preparative and Flash Chromatography

Avantor® carries all the products from instruments to solvents, sorbents, columns, software and more for Preparative and Flash chromatography workflows. Dedicated workflows for the purification, isolation, and/or fractionation of analyte(s), e.g., controlled purification or identification of unknown compounds from organic syntheses or natural product extracts.

Preparative and Flash Chromatography Products

A wide selection of preparative instruments for isolating and analyzing compounds .

Chromatography Data System (CDS) to help you work better and smarter in your lab.

A variety of prepacked chromatography sorbents/materials in relatively larger scale dimensions for the use on dedicated preparative/flash systems.

Chromatography sorbents/material for isolation, identification or purification applications.

High-purity chromatography solvents for use in analytical and preparative separations. Guaranteed specifications and standards required for reliable and accurate results.

High-quality tubing, connectors and accessories designed to safely transfer liquids and gases.

Dedicated flash chromatography systems to quickly isolate compounds through a preparative scale method with moderate resolution.

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