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Gas Generators and Accessories

Gas generators are essential components in the process of gas chromatography, replacing compressed air with a gas of your choice, very often high-purity nitrogen, but also hydrogen or a vacuum. Avantor® offers a wide selection of gas generators and accessories to meet your needs.

Engineered to utilize pressure swing adsorption for the removal of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Systems produce UHP zero air with a purity level below 0.05ppm total hydrocarbon content from a compressed air supply.

Multiple digital and analog options available to measure and control the flow of liquids and gases.

Designed to produce hydrogen gas at a purity of 99.9995% or greater.

Made to produce a continuous or on-demand supply of high purity, phthalate-free nitrogen molecules.

Stations have CO2 content of less than 1.0ppm and a pressure dew point of -70°C. Products are low maintenance and run completely silent.

Easy-to-read gauges have large diaphragms to ensure a constant pressure delivery even when changing cylinders or tanks.