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Gas Chromatography (GC) | Avantor

Gas Chromatography (GC)

Gas chromatography (GC) uses helium, hydrogen or other gases to separate, identify and quantify volatile sample mixtures with reliable results. From gas generators to syringes, fittings, columns and more, Avantor® carries all the products you need for any gas chromatography application.

Multiple options that use helium, hydrogen or other gases to separate, identify and quantify sample mixtures.

Chromatography Data System (CDS) to help you work better and smarter in your lab.

An extensive variety of prepacked chemistries and dimensions to separate molecules within mixtures by GC or GCMS.

A wide offering of GC fittings and accessories including liners, unions, connectors and column nuts.

Designed for the highest performance in chromatography and the handling of corrosive gases, liquids, radioactive materials, and sterile solutions.

A comprehensive range of needles and needle seats for every chromatography application.

A wide selection engineered to utilize pressure swing adsorption for the removal of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Reagents for silylation, alkylation (methylation) and acylation are available. Improve volatility, increase thermal stability, or lower detection limits with our extensive selection of GC derivatization reagents.

Our comprehensive portfolio of GC solvents offers the right product for your specific application and detection method.


‘On Demand’ educational webinar addressing the key aspects associated with optimising your GC method development.


This webinar explains the intention behind data integrity regulations, sets out current expectations and suggests an approach to compliance based on sound science.


Learn how to select the best GC carrier gas for your chromatography application.

Need recommendations for any GC application? Let us help you move science forward.