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Chromatography is a common technique used to separate/purify molecule(s). Avantor® offers a wide range of high-quality products for your complete workflow that includes: specialized equipment, software and a reliable supply of consumables to perform assays under liquid or gas conditions for many different scientific applications (e.g., HPLC workflow).

Chromatography | Avantor

An extensive range of high-quality sample preparation chemicals, consumables and equipment to help you ensure a reliable analytical procedure.

A complete and comprehensive range including HPLC/UHPLC (U/HPLC) and mass spectrometry instruments, columns, vials, tubing and more for various applications.

A range of GC instrumentation, syringes, fittings, columns and more for high-quality and reliable gas chromatography applications/workflows.

Avantor® offer equipment, plates, solvents and more for your TLC/HPTLC application/workflow requirements.

Preparative and Flash Chromatography instruments, solvents, sorbents, columns, software and more for high-quality and reliable purification and fractionation applications.


Interactive eBook: Driving Performance in Your HPLC or LC-MS Workflow

Many factors in HPLC and LC-MS workflows can impact analysis. Considering the effects of the whole workflow affords improved control of analysis robustness and accuracy. Here, we systematically discuss the factors central to developing methods both efficiently and reproducibly.

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‘On demand’ webinar discussing the key role that analyte properties take when choosing method conditions in liquid chromatography.


‘On demand’ series of two webinars that is focused on Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC): a scalable, cost effective solution for natural compounds research and production and (ii) Robust and reproducible chromatographic analysis of amino acids using a dedicated amino acid analyser.


Knowledge note outlining the recent allowable changes for LC monographs outlined by the United States pharmacopoeia (USP).


‘On Demand’ educational webinar addressing a few column and solvent management decisions that can help create more sustainable liquid chromatography workflows.

Sample Handling and Sustainable Approaches

Selecting the right vial for your application has many benefits in delivering consistent chromatographic results. Considerations for more sustainable analytical assays include reducing column dimensions, choosing different column formats and translating methods.

Sample Handling Solutions from Avantor®

Sample integrity is critical for successful analytical workflows, this means choosing the right vials and microplates for the application. See our chromatography autosampler vials and microplates brochure.

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Sustainability in Chromatography

Various sustainable chromatography approaches are outlined through eight different assets covering both LC and GC assays.

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