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UV/VIS Spectroscopy | Avantor

UV/VIS Spectroscopy

UV/Vis analysis with a spectrophotometer can require different types of chemicals. First, a specific grade of solvents is developed to avoid optical impurities of your sample. Second, the spectrophotometer needs to be calibrated using UV/Vis standard kits. Third, color reference solution kits can save you time in preparing the reference solutions yourself.

High-purity solvents designed for spectroscopy applications that demand the highest spectral purity.

Be sure of your results with our complete range to calibrate spectrophotometers on the control of absorbance, resolution power, stray light and wavelength accuracy.

What kind of standards are available to calibrate my UV/Visible spectrophotometer?

Different standards in ampoules delivered in kits with a complete Certificate of Analysis are available to check parameters such as:

  • Absorbance control
  • Stray light testing
  • Resolution power testing
  • Wavelength testing