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Chemicals by Method

Avantor® is proud to offer one of the largest selection of chemicals from one source to our customers. As well as extensive investment in our own chemical production, our mission is to make getting the products you need effortless.


All the chemicals you need for chromatography processes.

A large range of products that includes classic glassware, automatic titrators, reagents, equipment and more.

Whatever your requirements are, we have a pH buffer solution that matches your needs.

Solvents, UV/VIS standards, color standard kits and more.

Additives and reagents for fusion, grinding and tableting.

Improve safety in your lab with VWRC and Merck's spillage kits, detergents and more.

J.T.Baker® DILUT-IT™ dissolution media concentrates are pre-mixed to reduce the amount of time required to prepare media.

A broad range of chemicals for sample preparation of gas chromatography, including solvents, pesticides and much more.

Compact volumetric or coulometric Karl Fisher titrators and related reagents for water determination.

Everything you need to determine the amount of nutrients, salts and impurities in aqueous solutions.

Tools to identify and quantify materials by examining physical characteristics such as density, melting point, viscosity, moisture and more.

Solvents and standards for structural determination of organic compounds.

Gather elemental evidence from the tiniest traces in the ppm, ppb and ppt ranges with sophisticated instrumentation like AAS, ICP-OES or ICP-MS.

A variety of reagents and catalysts for the Kjeldahl method of nitrogen determination.

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Onsite management of inventory, safety and disposal.


High-quality chemicals and services, customized to your product or manufacturing needs.


Looking for GC columns or consumables? See our offering.


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