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VWR® Cell Culture Flasks
Catalog #: 10062-860
Supplier:  VWR International
VWR® Cell Culture Flasks
Catalog #: 10062-860
Supplier:  VWR International
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Unit of Measure Case of 100


  • Cap Type:
  • Capacity:
    250 ml
  • Culture Area:
    75 cm²
  • Cat. no.:
  • Packaging:


About this item

VWR® Cell culture flasks are vacuum gas plasma treated for consistent cell attachment and growth.

  • Made of crystal clear virgin polystyrene
  • Sterile and certified non-pyrogenic
  • Volume graduations on both sides with special writing area
  • Choice of vented or plug seal caps

The angled-neck design of these flasks allows access to the entire growth surface with either pipets or cell scrapers. Flasks have volume graduations on both sides, and a writing surface to facilitate sample identification.

Vented caps incorporate a 0.22 µm hydrophobic filter to allow gas exchange and minimize the risk of contamination. Plug seal caps can be used in closed systems (providing a liquid and gas-tight seal) or used in an open system (simply unscrew the cap one quarter of a turn). Packaging allows flasks to remain upright, lowering the risk of contamination.

Increased cell attachment surface: This highly hydrophilic surface offers a significant advantage over the traditional cell culture surface. The surface treatment can improve cell spreading and attachment, and is suitable for cells that may adhere poorly due to cell phenotype, stressful culture conditions, or those which normally require additional biological coatings for attachment.

TC-treated: These dishes are vacuum-gas plasma or corona treated for consistent cell attachment and growth.

Non-treated: Non-treated cell and tissue culture dishes are ideal for applications where cell attachment is not desired.

Certifications: Manufactured in 100 000 grade cleanroom environment.
Packaging: Packaged in resealable self-standing bags.
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