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TCI Chemicals for Laboratories and Production

Combining an extensive catalog of 40,000 organic reagents and over 70 years of synthesis experience, TCI America continues to lead the industry as one of the most experienced lab chemicals suppliers.

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TCI Chemicals for Laboratories and Production | Avantor

Tokyo Chemical Industry (TCI) is a leading global supplier of fine chemical reagents for research and production. We offer an extensive catalog of 40,000 organic reagents and 70 years of synthesis experience. More than 9,000 of our products are available only through TCI.

TCI is committed to providing high quality, reliable organic reagents in the fields of Synthetic Chemistry, Life Science, Materials Science and Analytical Science. Our specialty organic and inorganic chemicals and intermediates are recognized as best-in-class by top research labs, universities and manufacturers. We offer hard-to-find and hard-to-synthesize products in laboratory quantities as well as bulk quantities. Our continuously expanding research and development, modern manufacturing facilities, a new GMP facility, and quality assurance/control laboratories allows TCI to offer a wide range of products and services.

TCI strives to have the highest product availability on the market. With warehouses in North America, Europe and Asia, TCI has the research chemicals in-stock and ready to ship when you need them. TCI ensures on-shelf availability using a sophisticated monitoring and forecasting system to meet your needs.  You can count on TCI as your partner for products as well as custom solutions.


TCI offers market leading synthetic organic reagents such as Grignard reagents and alkyl metals, metal catalysts for organic synthesis, ligands, asymmetric organometalic catalysts and more.


TCI's extensive Life Science products are used in global academic, pharmaceutical and biotech laboratories and offers a range of reagents including nucleosides, nucleotides and nucleic acids, amino acids, sugars lipids and more.


TCI material reagents are used by leading researchers and include a robust line of reagents featuring functional organic dyes, nanocarbon materials, organic nonlinear optical materials and more.


TCI America supplies a variety of high quality analytical reagents for research including GC derivatizing reagents, HPLC labeling reagents, ion-pair reagents for HPLC, solvents for HPLC & spectrophotometry and more.