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Stirrers That Drive Results

The Caframo Team is part of a certified “Great Place to Work” manufacturer of powerful overhead stirrers, mixing impellers and a full range of accessories. We emphasize technical application support and after-sales service.

Caframo | Avantor

Headquartered in Georgian Bluffs, Canada, Caframo’s North American site hosts a testing facility, a world-class engineering team and a knowledgeable customer support team ready to advise and support mixing system workflows help to keep you productive and accountable in your work.

All stirrers start with a certified brushless DC motor within totally enclosed housings, digital sealed displays and easy-to-use features for a plug-in and play start up. Caframo Overhead Stirrers are quiet, dependable, maintenance free and ideal for continuous use. All Caframo Overhead Stirrers are made in Canada to safety standards for use worldwide and are backed by a 3-year warranty.

Through computational fluid dynamics (CFD), 3D printed models and advanced R&D, Caframo develops and designs features and efficient mixing blades, propellers and impellers with varying flows – all geared to make your life at work easier. Join our community of Caframo customers who are effective and successful in the work they do.